Rider links critical activities to competence, individuals to teams and safety to business efficiency. Our software ensures that information, guidance and support is used in the workplace. We empower companies to optimize performance and reduce risk.


Take control!
Rider provides the tools to deliver business optimization. Allowing you to streamline business processes, support your teams and remove the bottlenecks.


Real time information!
Rider provides you with real time information, showing where each team member is in the process, what the team is doing and which safety critical activities are on-going at any time.


Access training modules!
Rider ensures all staff are automatically informed of important information, such as safety warnings or updates to procedures. Access e-Learning and guidance on activities.


Track procedures & tasks!
Rider tracks the procedures and tasks as they are executed, builds the teams capability and enhances an individual’s portfolio with experience. Enabling continuous improvement.

Rider International and Yokogawa Sign New OEM Agreement

Amersfoort, Netherlands – January 24th, 2020 Rider and Yokogawa have a shared focus on delivering solutions that truly engage with people who are working in industries where safety and high [...]

RelyOn Nutec acquires Rider International

The RelyOn Nutec Group (via P-Holding RelyOn Nutec A/S) is delighted to announce the acquisition of Rider International B.V. from Ponooc. Rider International B.V.is the company behind the advanced workforce [...]