During the IADC World Drilling Conference & Exhibition, to be held from June 28-29 in Amsterdam, Rider International will present a poster showing the latest results of their project with Dalma Energy LLC in Oman, where they implemented a technological solution that significantly enhanced operational performance. 

The first results

The poster, ‘Risk Reduction and Enhanced Performance: The Technology Challenge’, shows the results of the roll out of Rider across 10 drilling rigs and reports on:

  • The performance targets achieved by simplifying and supporting:
    • Work scheduling and planning
    • Control of work activities
    • Team engagement

The project delivered cost savings and operational improvement across multiple drill sites. It embeds technological improvements with team performance and is designed to provide a scalable solution for multiple site operations whilst allowing maximum flexibility in the workforce.

Our unique approach allows teams, and individuals, to work more effectively. It provides continuous monitoring and support of work activities ensuring all critical steps are performed to the required standard and quality.

By linking tasks and activities to the experience of the teams, information can be focused on the risks and safety barriers specific to the tasks that are being worked. Performance data can be collated on the operational effectiveness of the procedures allowing a program for continual improvement in performance to be implemented.

Live Rider demo

We will be running live demos of the software on stand 34. Please join us, to discover how Rider can help your organisation by improving operational control, safety & efficiency.


About the event
IADC World Drilling 2017 will explore how we can enable the upturn. Central to preparing for higher activity are collaboration, integration and technology. Wise implementation of these concepts can lower costs and increase value across all sectors. The conference will centre on strategic presentations and panels to explore from a big-picture, leadership perspective our industry’s challenges.

For more information on the IADC World Drilling Conference & Exhibition, please visit their website