During the IADC Drilling HSE&T Conference & Exhibition, to be held from September 27-28 in Amsterdam, Rider International will present the lessons learned from implementing the Rider platform across 15 drilling rigs in Oman.

Safe Systems of Work
All companies commit significant investment to developing and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS). In many instances these initiatives struggle to create a cohesive story for the people who deliver the work on the rig floor. This is often caused by failing to adequately link, in a dynamic working environment, the competency of the individual to the information and support they need to fully address the risks associated with the work activities.

Delivering critical information at point of work
This presentation covers the lessons learned from implementing a new approach to managing work activities, one that places the needs of the crews, the teams and the rig management first. An innovative software solution was deployed to embed the SMS as part of the daily work activities. The software engages at the point of work, focuses on supporting the individual as part of a team, helps to improve communication and team working and aids the reduction of human error by delivering relevant procedural information, guidance and training.

Real time competency
The system was rolled out at 15 rigs, and since the beginning of 2017 data has been gathered, the results of which will be shown. The project achieved real time oversight of competency allowing gaps to be addressed before the work was carried out. It simplified the onboarding of new recruits, decreased the time required to make them competent and supported the development of existing rig crews. It established a seamless link from the classroom to the practical work on the rig floor and delivered immediate benefits for safety and operational excellence.

About the event
The IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe 2017 Conference & Exhibition will examine a range of topics including management of high-consequence events, human factors, competency, health, environment and security.