A skilled and experienced workforce is essential when you are operating deep in the Russian Arctic, where one of the most complex LNG projects ever undertaken, a liquefied natural gas project with an annual production capacity of 16.5 million metric tons, is located.

Rider International has been awarded the contract by a Russian operated joint-venture company to implement their innovative Rider™ platform to manage worker competence and help to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of the business.

By managing and tracking workforce skills, knowledge and experience using the Rider platform, the company can manage its talent and schedule work knowing the individuals and teams are competent to face the demands of running one of the most complex and significant developments north of the arctic circle.

When the environment is ice-bound for several months of the year and temperatures can in winter drop below -30 oC, you need absolute confidence in your teams. Rider delivers the tools which provide management oversight of competence, development of staff and confidence in the ability of company’s workforce to deliver.

About the project
An integrated project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping. The Project consists of construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant with an output capacity of around 16.5 million tons per year. The field’s proven and probable reserves, by PRMS standards, are estimated at 926 billion cubic meters. Extensive transportation infrastructure is being built in the scope of the project, including a sea port and an airport.

About Rider International
Rider International is a software development company whose products link people to business. Our Rider™ platform is designed for organizations with high expectations of achieving operational excellence. We believe that competent people who have access to good communications, relevant information and effective guidance can deliver exceptional performance. The Rider™ platform provides the interface between people, operations and strategy.

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