On November 6, 28 representatives from companies across the oil and gas industry attended the Rider Operational Excellence workshop at the OPEX in Oil and Gas Conference in Houston, TX.

Operational Excellence – the big questions

In the workshop, we dove into some big OPEX questions:  What does operational excellence mean?  What are the necessary components of an operational excellence program?  What can you change to improve operations, and how would you know if you had succeeded?  Lastly, what is the “last mile” problem, and how does it affect operational performance?

Participants then engaged in a three-part scenario, placing them in the mindset of senior leadership, line leadership, and as leaders in their own company, crafting the development and implementation of an operational excellence program.  Each table worked as a team then presented their findings to the larger group, sharing how they approached each situation and what they learned as a result.

Rider’s innovative technology

Edi Gittenberger, CEO of Rider International, introduced the participants to Rider’s innovative technology which optimizes business performance and ensures risk mitigation and compliance.  Edi demonstrated how Rider links critical work activities and tasks to staff competence and team engagement, providing real-time information that connects planning and operational activities to performance results.

Participants left the workshop with a copy of Atul Gawandi’s The Checklist Manifesto, a fantastic book on the power of procedures and procedural reinforcement to reduce incidents.

Didn’t make the workshop but want to know about the techniques discussed?  Email us at info@ridercorp.com and we will arrange a personal demo and briefing