The RelyOn Nutec Group (via P-Holding RelyOn Nutec A/S) is delighted to announce the acquisition of Rider International B.V. from Ponooc. Rider International the company behind the advanced workforce performance platform called ‘Rider’. This technology is 100% geared towards Competence Management, Learning Management and real-time Workflow Management.

Rider was conceptualised during 2012 to 2015 with participation of WEP, Dalma Energy & Yokogawa and formally founded as Rider International B.V. in 2016. The key employees of Rider have formerly developed similar industry leading software.

Harry van der Vossen – Director of Digital Delivery at RelyOn Nutec says: “We are excited about the acquisition. Rider’s advanced technology platform forms a key component to further our ambitions. The Training and Competence Management aspects of the platform fit tightly with our rapidly increasing digital product portfolio.

Torben Harring, Group CEO of RelyOn Nutec adds “Safety, survival and skills training is our core business. Expanding our services with a solid and purpose build workforce performance platform is one of our initiatives to become a full service provider in our segment and bring more value to our customers.”

Edi Gittenberger, CEO of Rider International, who will continue in RelyOn Nutec, says: “This is the start of a new and exciting time for our company and products. RelyOn Nutec will give us the springboard to access the markets that we require to ensure rapid growth. Our systems will form an essential component to fulfil the Digital Strategy of RelyOn Nutec.”

For any further questions or queries, please contact RelyOn Nutec’s Director of Digital Delivery, Harry van der Vossen –

Official press release