Amersfoort, Netherlands – January 24th, 2020

Rider and Yokogawa have a shared focus on delivering solutions that truly engage with people who are working in industries where safety and high performance are key. Rider, part of RelyOn Nutec, is a world leader in solutions which ensure that personnel working on safety critical tasks relating to equipment or systems, are trained and assessed as competent against an agreed standard. By integrating closely with Yokogawa’s solutions in the area of Operations Management, clients can set up best in class operational processes and ensure that workforce competence is demonstrated to meet safety critical standards. On January the 24th 2020, Yokogawa Netherlands, represented by Executive Director Bert Konings and Edi Gittenberger, CEO of Rider International, signed a new contract for the OEM collaboration.

Picture: Chase van Noordwijk, Patrick Kools, Edi Gittenberger, Bert Konings, Marcel Kelder, and Oscar Custers.

About Yokogawa
Yokogawa’s global network of 113 companies spans 60 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$3.5 billion company engages in cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is active in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and aviation and other businesses segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. Targeting this segment, Yokogawa helps companies maximize their profits by offering a wide range of highly reliable products and working with the subsidiary KBC Advanced Technologies to provide premium solutions and services. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit

About Rider International

Rider International B.V., part of the Relyon Nutec Group, is the company behind the advanced Workforce Performance Management Platform called ‘Rider’. This technology is 100% geared towards Competence Management, Learning Management and real-time Workflow Management. Rider International was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

Rider enables organizations to track their workforce compliance, competence and experience levels. The platform operationalizes complex procedures and ensures work is carried out safely and in line with policies and regulations. Rider provides insight in what work was executed versus what was planned, who executed the work, the level of competence of the respective executor, and how the work was performed. Analysis of generated data will help you identifying focus areas for continuous improvement.
RelyOn Nutec is the world leader in safety, skills, drilling, emergency response and crisis management training delivered to the oil & gas, maritime, wind and other high-risk industries from 34 training centers in 21 countries across the world. For more information please contact Chase van Noordwijk +31(0) 202 618 332 email