Capability Statement

Empowering companies to optimize performance, reduce costs and manage risk

Getting the very best out of operational activities is a necessity for all organization. Scarce resources have to be managed effectively as individuals respond to an ever-changing business environment. Equipping your teams to face and manage the challenges requires a new approach to business management systems. Rider meets these challenges by ensuring that information, guidance and support is accessible, understandable and up to date.

RigRider Brochure

Optimize the drilling process to increase performance and reduce risk

Achieving the right balance between experience, procedures and control is never easy. Bookshelves full of manuals will not improve performance and even the most experienced of crews can miss a critical step. RigRider supports the crews with the essential knowledge they need. It makes procedures available when and where they are needed and helps to ensure the teams achieve optimum performance.

Operational implementation of the Bow-Tie

The crucial connection between risk controls and the management system

Bow-Ties help to visualize the relationship between the causes of accidents (failures), the controls preventing such events from occurring and the preparedness measures in place to limit business impact. Extensively used in the oil and gas, energy and chemicals industry the technique has more recently been adopted across many sectors including finance, medical and aviation. Operational implementation of the Bow-Tie delivers the crucial connection between risk controls (whether hardware or human intervention) and the management system.

From classroom to workplace

Empowering a national workforce

There are a number of significant barriers governing new employees gaining entry to the workplace, even for those with recognized qualifications. For industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities, which operate in higher risk environments, it is very important that support is provided for the transition from classroom to workplace.