Rider supports your team

In a work environment where control is important, knowledge and experience has to be supported by the tools to execute the job in a timely, correct and safe manner.

Standard Operating Procedures, Checklists, Manuals, and Reference materials are often provided, but are hard to access and rarely used when time is limited. Rider overcomes these issues.

Rider supports flexible team-working, recognizing in the real world that skills, knowledge and experience are shared across the team.  Rider shows you the strengths of the teams and provides support where it is required.

Data capture and dashboarding of work activities, allow you to map expectations against delivery, pinpoint opportunities for improvement and achieve business objectives.

people organisation task model


The Rider database contains all your Riderized procedures, including roles & responsibilities, barriers & hazards and related reference materials.


Using the Riderized procedures, your teams can make an accurate plan of all critical activities, while having access to background information when needed.


Activities will be tracked and monitored, ensuring all procedures are followed and safety critical tasks are signed off.


Your staff can receive training and instruction or access additional company guidance, textbooks and learning material relevant to their current or future role.


Analyze performance and evaluate the operation, to enable continuous improvement of procedures and the overall process.