Take control!
Rider provides the tools to deliver business optimization. Allowing you to streamline business processes, support your teams and remove the bottlenecks.


Real time information!
Rider provides you with real time information, showing where each team member is in the process, what the team is doing and which safety critical activities are on-going at any time.


Access training modules!
Rider ensures all staff are automatically informed of important information, such as safety warnings or updates to procedures. Access e-Learning and guidance on activities.


Track procedures & tasks!
Rider tracks the procedures and tasks as they are executed, builds the teams capability and enhances an individual’s portfolio with experience. Enabling continuous improvement.


Supporting the rig crew with full control over the drilling process by means of smart systems in order to reduce downtime, control risk and drive efficiency, is the core of our business.
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Rider makes relevant procedures accessible to the right person at the right time at the right place, allows realtime verification of tasks on the work floor, and develops competent teams.
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Our team exists of drilling engineers and IT professionals. We combine expertise in drilling processes, skills and competencies with leading application technologies.
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Come visit us and learn more about Rider! Houston 7-8 Feb.’17